Friday 14 March 2008


You know me, I love at bit of retail therapy. And online retail therapy is my favourite pastime. My postman is frequently laden down with parcels that I've often forgotten I've ordered. Today, the postie delivered a much anticipated extra special new running socks. But not just any ol' running socks. They're Injinji running socks. Visit this site for further information.

Ultrarunners have hailed them as the best invention ever. So, guess what? Sonic and I bought two pairs each. The down side is they're not available in the UK, so we had to order them from the US. Almost one month later, they dropped through the letterbox. I was hoping to get them in time for Wuthering Hike, as most reviews indicate they take a bit of getting of used to. I haven't even got round to trying them on, but Sonic said "it feels like there's something stuck between my toes. I think I'll keep them for a training run". Full report to follow.


Thomas said...

You must be kiddn. Gloves for you feet?

Anonymous said...

I am an Injinji convert and I can tell you that they are the best socks on the market. My podiatrist originally got me onto them as I have a toe that overlaps on one foot and I used to suffer from corns on the other. These socks were my saviour. They keep your feet much cooler and dryer and you don't get any skin on skin friction between your toes therefore eliminating blisters. I have found that they are fantastic in hot conditions and brilliant in the wet as they don't hold any water and the individual toe sleeves stop your moist toes from rubbing together and getting torn up.

Yes, they look a little funny but that is just because we have all grown up with no alternative except for the standard tube style sock. The Japanese have been wearing toe socks for centuries. They also feel a little funky the first couple of times you wear them because your not used to something between your toes. This sensation soon disappears after wearing them for 10 - 15mins and then you won’t even feel like you have socks on. As Thomas said, Gloves for your feet which to me just makes sense. We generally don't choose to wear Mittens on our hands as they create an oven like environment which prevents airflow through your fingers and, most importantly, you don't get to use your fingers for what they were intended. So, why have we been wearing mittens on our feet for all this time?

You can actually get them online through the Australian website and they arrive within 7 days. Once you start wearing them, you won’t go back to the traditional sock.