Friday 28 March 2008

Garscube Harriers' Summer League

Our summer league has just been announced and includes the following races:

Any marathon between October 07 and August 08
May 10 Fireman's 10K (men only)
May 18 Ladies' 10K (surprisingly enough, ladies only)
May 22 Helensburgh 10K
May 22 Clydebank 10K
June 5 Dumbarton 10K (Club 10K championship)
June 15 Vale of Leven 10K
July 9 Jog Scotland 5K Glasgow Green
July 24 Club 5m race at Mugdock
Aug 3 Helensburgh half-marathon
Aug 17 Achilles Heel Bella 5K
Aug 31 Paisley 10K
Sept 7 Great Scottish Run half-marathon

There is a male and female league. Points will be allocated for position - 10 for 1st club place to 1 for 10th place. Each runner will receive 1 point for participation. 2 points allocated for a PB. Each runner will submit their best 6 races to count for final league results. Of course, in true Garscube there will be lots of grey areas. And probably lots of lengthy discussions at committee meeting.

So far I've scheduled in the 1) London marathon 2) Ladies' 10K if I'm OK after London 3) GSR if I don't get a big fat DNF again this year 4) I liked to try a 5K, as I haven't done one for yeeears 5) Maybe one of the Polaroid races - if I don't die of boredom en route 6) Paisley? I'd rather stab myself in the eye with a rusty compass 7) Helensburgh half is a goodie, but I'll need to wait until after the WHWR 8) Club 5-miler - only because it falls on a club training night and I made a right a*se of it last year - but again, depends on race recovery.

As you might have guessed, folks, I've got absolutely no idea what this year will bring. It's London and then WHW. Anything else is a bonus.

Anyone else doing any of the above races?

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Davie Bell said...

Hi Debs,
I will be doing Great Scottish Run Half Marathon I think this is my tenth, although by the time Sept comes I may be a wheelchair entrant:-)