Tuesday 18 March 2008

Ying 'n' yang

After a wholesome weekend, I undid all my good-doing with a Garscube night out on Sunday. 16 of us descended upon Asiza, which is a fabulous Moroccan restaurant on Great Western Road. It's a bring-your-own-bottle affair. With an off-license next door and some good home measures - the effects were lethal. I managed to consume a large bottle of beer and a whole bottle of red wine before dinner, so it was a bit vague from there on in. Yesterday morning I woke feeling like the smallest person in the world. Of course, Sonic took great delight in relaying my drunken antics. I told him he should shout at me and tell me I'm a disgrace, but he was enjoying the moral high ground. His favourite tale was when I was eating pistachio nuts and he had to tell me to take the shells off ;-) How special is that? And he did tell me it wasn't absolutely necessary to hug the waitress when we were leaving. Yesterday was a right-off. Thank heavens for everyone's blogs, ebay, facebook and online shops as that got me through a very long day in the office. Needless to say, I'm on the wagon...indefinitely. Personally, I think it's good quality training for the WHW race. After all I've got to prepare myself for race conditions: the deep lows, excruciating pain, losing the will to live, the shakes, hallucination, fatigue and severe dehydration. Gawd, the things I have to do for this bloody race. That's commitment and dedication for you.

I decided against tonight's Garscube hill reps. Think I've had my quota of hills. And I'll save the walk of shame until Thursday. Wasn't quite sure what the best alternative was though. Should have went for a couple of miles at recovery. I know it's good for you, but lets face it, sometimes it's hardly worth getting changed for. Opted for seven miles steady round the southside. The aim was to start easy and up the pace slightly to finish fast.

Finished the seven mile route in 55.46. Splits were 8.22, 8.08, 8.09, 8.00, 7.39, 7.25, 7.27. Average 7.52. Legs felt a little stiff, but generally OK.


Thomas said...

thanks for your comments on my blog.
Regarding the Pictures. 1st Y o u make great photos. 2nd we have replaced the Kit lens with a "proper" one. A Tamron zoom lens which just makes better pictures than the kit lens. Next time when we meet and you have your camera with you can try our lens if you like (since it will fit your camera)

Tim said...

Hi Debbie, reading other people's blogs and looking at their training paces always makes me feel like a sluggard! Apart from a hill run and one speed session with my club per week, all my training runs are untimed and probably no faster than 9 minute miles (and often slower).

Fortunately my speed seems to improving anyway (as judged by my 5K and mile rep times) so I'm not too worried. It makes me wonder though, am I running too slow or is everyone else running too fast?

Davie Bell said...

You know the old saying,you can take the girl out of Kilbirnie you can't take Kilbirnie out the girl
:-)it's good at the time though.

Thomas said...

Tim, I strongly believe that "everyone else" is running too fast. Including myself. It's like eating chocolate. Or chips with majo. It's bad and I know it but I just cannot help it.

Brian Mc said...

Pistachios with shells on? Mmmm crunchy.

Your story makes me want to crack out the vino - not had a can't remember evening for a few months since baby arrival. Ah, nostalgic feelings of euphoric daftness then morning illness.