Sunday 9 March 2008

Balloch to Clydebank half marathon

You might have guessed that I've done sod all for two days. The plan was to rest up for today's half-marathon. It started to go a little bit wrong when I went to my core conditioning class on Friday. My usual teacher was on holiday and was replaced with a fiercely strong hobbit who took it upon herself to knacker our arms and legs. Who leaves a core class with arms like chimps?? Yesterday - on my second day of rest - I spent seven hours cleaning the house. I swear I've expended less energy with a marathon. I only had to stop from sheer exhaustion.

That aside, I was still raring to go this morning. Despite severe storm warnings, the weather was kind. It was torrential lining up for the race, but all in all we were quite lucky. There's not really much to write about a course that starts in Balloch and winds its way through Renton, Dumbarton, Bowling, Old Kilpatrick and ends in the Clydebank Retail Park. Scenic it ain't.

Started out on a good pace. At mile two I was joined by Maz (pictured). See post from January 3, 2008 for more info on the wonder that is Maz. I was still listening to my usual boppy tunes on my ipod. After another mile, I realised that Maz was staying and I was being very rude. As I packed away my ipod, I turned to Maz and said "I'm going to put this away and you're going to be off like a shot". She duly informed me in her delightful Irish drawl: " No way. I'm here for the distance". Yep, you guessed it, another mile in she was off like a shot. I didn't bother with the tunes, so I was probably more focused.

Anyway, enough of my drivel. I got another PB. Unofficial time was 1:42:53 which is approx one minute faster that Blackpool half two weeks ago. That's 3 1/2 minutes off (a long standing PB) this year.

Splits: 7.40, 7.32, 7.35, 7.44, 7.43, 7.37, 7.40, 7.46, 7.55, 8.00, 7.57, 7.53, 8.05 (average pace 7.46). Course slightly long (everyone's Garmin showed this, OK!) with 13.24 miles.

Marco got a PB too. And finished in sixth position. His unofficial time was 1:16:45.

Thanks for everyone for the well wishes. And huge thanks to Maz for the setting the pace early on and pushing me. Never before have I studied someone's back with such enthusiasm.

It's Sharon's birthday today. She got an extra special birthday gift - PB with 1:37 something. We're having a girlie night to celebrate a good day all round. Guess what? I'm having a rest day tomorrow to recover.

Marco and Davie struggling with the toffee from their Mars Bar - only found in Scottish race goodie bags.


Harvey said...

Congratulations on another PB... looking good for London in not so many weeks time!

Thomas said...

Congratulations to you and Marco. You rock!

ianbeattie1 said...

Yes, very well done to you both. I very much doubt the course was long - you would normally expect your GPS to show the course as longer than the standard 13.1 miles, as the course has to be measured by the shortest possible route. Your Garmin will reord the distance you actually ran,and as you are unlikely to have taken every bend by the shortest route, that will explain the extra distance! I'd be a lot more concerned if your Garmin suggested it was less than 13.1 miles - then it is definitely short :)

John Kynaston said...

Great race Debbie. Well done on a pb. Things are looking good for London, The Fling and whw race.

Keep it going.


Brian Mc said...

Great result - well played to the two of you. :-)

There is error of 10m with every time the Garmin pings satellites to determine location. I suspect these errors accumulate in the distance covered measure so I'd be surprised if Garmin ever got the distance bang on. Over or under-estimation will almost always be the norm.

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