Wednesday 19 March 2008

Steady town ten

Finished work at 5pm. An early depart as tonight was the dreaded club committee meeting. Headed round the west end for a 10-mile steady. Along Dumbarton Road, up Crow Road, through Garscube Estate, along Maryhill to St George's and then back into the city centre. Back to my office is 9.5 miles, so had to circle the block to make it up to 10 miles.
Last time I did this route (Jan 30) I finished in 1:24:55 (average pace 8.36). Tonight I finished in 1:20:57 (average pace 7.59). Forgot my beloved ipod, so I was alone with my thoughts, puffs and footstrike. The silence made me more conscious of my feet, so I was trying to keep my steps lighter.
Splits: 7.38, 8.06, 8.09, 8.16, 8.23, 8.21, 8.09, 7.44, 7.53, 7.19. You can tell that Sonic caught up in the ninth mile and dragged me in for the rest.

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