Wednesday 26 March 2008

The angel made me do it

As the clock struck five, the heavens opened. Brilliant. Out with the crisp air and blue skies and back with wind and rain. Oh joy. After leaving work I had a major tug of war with myself on the way to the carpark. It really is like having an angel on one shoulder and a devil on the other. Thankfully the angel won. Or maybe because I'm a stubborn wee bugg*r. I dumped my work gear in the car and headed out on a run towards the southside. As it was quite cold and wild, I wore my gloves and my rain jacket. After about three miles I was starting to regret that decision. As I was overheating, I pondered over how runners can wear rain/wind jackets. My answer came in the form of a council van on the outskirts of Pollok Park. Yes, right on cue the van drove through a huge puddle (almost a lake) and completely drenched me. I swear the water went straight over my head. That certainly cooled me down. I won't repeat what I shouted. Even Dave Waterman would blush.

So it was eight miles tonight. After my half-marathon PB and my long run on Sunday, I have reassessed my London Marathon pace. I'm now gunning for 8 - 8.10 m/m. I ran Sunday's 20-miler with average pace of 8.10, so here's hoping. Anyway...for tonight's run, as I was aiming for my goal marathon pace. Although I ended up running slightly faster, I felt really comfortable. I wasn't sauntering, but I wasn't bursting a vein either.

Started out from town, headed along Paisley Road West, round Bellahouston, round Pollok and through Shawlands. Finished 8.1 miles in 1.03.58. Splits were 7.49, 7.58, 8.09, 7.59, 7.51, 7.48, 7.41, 7.51. Average 7.53.


Brian Mc said...

Sounds like you turning into missus Sonic! :-)

Debs M-C said...

More like gin 'n' tonic ;-)