Thursday 6 March 2008

Easy five

I was quite touched that the troops missed me last Thursday. Remember when I attempted a 20-miler, but had to settle for 9? Apparently they didn't really listen to the route, got lost and had no idea what to do about pacing, which means they all got split up. So back to babysitting duties tonight. One of our gang, Andy, had also done the Deerstalkers at the weekend and decided to make a rare appearance tonight. As he trotted behind I think I heard his full recollection for the 10 mile adventure run. A very detailed recollection.

The pace was pretty easy. Although it's just Ann and I who are running Balloch on Sunday, we felt the need to slow everyone else down too. It was a relatively hilly course (Milngavie, Mosshead, Stockimuir, Bearsden x, Maryhill) so we probably wouldn't be much faster. Had to include a warm-up, as I was too busy trying on new club kit before the run. Mostly easy (conversational pace) and then picked up the pace from Bearsden Cross to Canniesburn. Finished the 5.59 mile route in 49.08. Average pace 8.47. Splits were 9.14, 8.52, 9.09, 8.40, 8.02.

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Brian Mc said...

Good luck on Sunday at Balloch!