Thursday 27 March 2008

Garscube pack attack

Went to my yoga class at lunchtime, so the stretching was great for my hips, thighs and calves. If only I had the time, motivation and inclination to practice outwith my Thursday session, I'm sure I'd never get injured. In the space of 45 minutes I find and sort aches and pains that I wasn't aware of. It also loosens my back, neck and shoulders. I generally leave the gym feeling quite light and fluffy.
Thankfully the miserable weather had passed, so it a glorious night for a club run. It doesn't often happened, but the gang had the option of a five mile route or extending to eight miles. I've always been of the mindset if there's a longer option, then I'm going to take it. Cutting it short is just cheating.
The packs are a bit of a mess just now. Although I jumped two packs (from E to G) last week, I don't think I'm quite ready for the huge step. Tonight, I kind of formed a new pack F, dragging Lynn and Carol with me. As there were only a couple of Es, they came along for the first few miles. Anyway, what started at six, ended as three.
Route was Maryhill, Q Margaret, GWR, Crow, Maxwell, Cannisburn and back to main gate. The route only worked out at 7.3. Finished in 1:00:17. Splits were 8.46, 7.53, 7.58, 7.43, 8.22, 8.39 and 7.59 (average 8.10)

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