Thursday 13 March 2008

Garscube six

I could have easily been talked out of training tonight. I often feel that a hard tempo on a Wednesday night makes Thursday's session quite tough. And I knew I ripped the p*ss a bit last night. Sonic wasn't feeling feeling too great today - complaining of fatigue, stomach pains and a sore foot. But he'd had shiny new trainers to break in, so it was off to training. He made the sensible choice and dropped a pack. I still took the troops out on a six mile tempo. There were quite a few hills en route, so that slowed us down a bit.

Out the estate, Anniesland, GWR, Blairdarddie, Drumchapel, the dreaded Pendicle, Station, Bearsden x, Station, Milngavie and home. The wind was relatively tame, but the rain was out on force. Thankfully my legs felt great, so run was a success. A couple of new folks and some old faces, so there was plenty of chatter.

Finished the 6.2 mile route in 54.28. Nothing spectacular, but I finished feeling there was loads left in me. Average pace 8.29. Splits 8.59, 8.16, 8.15, 8.59, 8.26, 8.01.

Off to Haworth (West Yorkshire) tomorrow for Wuthering Hike on Saturday. A nice 33-miler on the Pennine Way. Having a bit of a panic as I don't know the course and I've got no idea how to read a map. Think I'll be stashing a GPS in my back pack. If you don't hear from me by Sunday afternoon, send out a search party.

I'm off to learn the lyrics to Wuthering Heights. Brian's in for a treat.

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