Thursday 10 September 2015

The (running) tour of Arran - the return

So we did it again.  Another 55 miles run around the beautiful Isle of Arran.  
The GM and I first did this route in August 2012 and had so much fun we thought we'd do it again.

Perfect training for Spartathlon with lots of tarmac and a few cheeky hills.  Slight temperature differential, but we used it to try out our Spartathlon fancy dress outfits regardless. The GM dubbed it #fullkitwanker day.

MdA:  Toughest Footrace in the World
Strava stats here.  A sociably paced 55 miles with nearly 4000ft on bumps in 8hr:31. Average 9:18m/m

It was one of those days I wished I could bottle.  And one of those runs I will remember forever.  And for all the right reasons.

We certainly kept the tourists, cyclists and the local bus driver amused.