Saturday 28 March 2009

It's a running blog after all

So I best chat blogging about running. Just in case you think the depths of my exercise regime is limited to pressing buttons on cameras, here's a summary of what I've been up to.

Monday: 8 mile walk. 3.5 mile run with step reps. Found a cracking steep, stepped path over by Strathleven. Did eight reps of about 45 second turn around.

Tuesday: Not much today. Had to take my car to the garage to get new tyres (they had actually gone beyond the dangerously bald stage) and then Cairn has his first immunisations in the afternoon. He was pretty hot and grumpy, so I didn't want to leave him.

5 miles over hills whilst my Sis enjoyed some bonding time with her nephew. Then I went for a 3 (ish) mile walk with my Sis. I bought a pedometer a few weeks ago and I aim to do at least 10,000 steps a day - not including running.

10 mile walk over the Balloch Horseshoe. It was very windy today. Pushing a buggy against gale force winds, is like trying to roll a boulder up a hill. It's a good workout for the arms and calves, that's for sure. The weather forecast was for heavy rain, but we were blessed with sunshine. The rain started as soon as we got home.

The weather was awful (notice the pattern here?) so we went to Braehead. Got my 10,000 steps walking round the shops. I'm not sure whether that's desperate or genius :-) In the evening I did a 3.5 mile easy run.

Saturday: This run was part of my upping-the-mileage plan. The most I have run is seven miles, so moving up to 10 was a bit of a jump. I choose the undulating (f-king hilly) route round the Balloch Horseshoe.

I forgot to mention in previous posts that I had a one-to-one session (stop chuckling) with personal trainer extraordinaire, Dario. He showed me a few moves to shift my mummy tummy (or mummy belly as Sonic called it!) and generally tone up using a gym ball and resistence bands. I know Dario sometimes reads this blog, so I best be careful what I say. Lets just say I haven't been as dedicated as I should be. The heart's willing but the body aint. Dario's coming back in a couple of weeks, so I best stop pretending I use it for more than sitting on to watch TV. The best thing about the gym is that is seems to roll about and get in Sonic's way :-) :-)

Friday 27 March 2009

Tuesday 24 March 2009

Cairn's first kilt

I'm lovin' my new Flip Mino. It's so easy to use - I didn't need to read the instructions. It's so light, I actually thought the box was empty. And I can just plug it into my computer and email or post on the net, without having to save or faff around. In summary, it's brilliant. And much cheapness too. I got it on Amazon for £100.

Anyway, I'll post some videos soon. But in the meantime, here's some pics of my boy in his kilt for Rob and Kas' wedding party at the weekend.

(thanks for the pictures, Anita)

Monday 23 March 2009

Back on track

Given how accident prone I am, you'd be forgiven in thinking I'd been hit by a bus. Fear not, I'm still here. And everything has been going well.

I've always said I'm a firm believer that everything happens for reason. Getting injured when I started out too quicker, was the best thing that could happen. I started running again two weeks ago - after two weeks off - and feel much better for it. My body feels stronger, fitter and totally ready to get back into training. I haven't started any speed work, as putting too much pressure on myself was what set me back.

I've been running 5-6 miles every other day. I haven't bothered about pace, but I've been averaging 9m/m and just enjoying it. Losing a few pounds has made a huge difference and I feel like my lungs have doubled in size. Maybe that's why having babies makes women better runners? :-)

My plan is to start introducing some long reps and tempos and gradually increasing my mileage. Seven weeks until the Glasgow Women's 10K and over four weeks until I have to take on the 43m Devils race. Yikes! Not much of a jump, eh.

I've got a new toy to play with - a Flip Mino video camera. It's a really nifty wee gadget. So light and easy to use. So you can expect lots of video posts soon.

I plan on catching up with everyone's blogs over the next couple of days. I've lost count of the amount of times I said "I just don't know where time goes".

Happy belated Mother's Day to all you Mommys out there.

Saturday 7 March 2009

I think someone's trying to tell me something...

Cairn had his first visit to the baby clinic on Thursday - for his six week check-up. All is very and the doc commented on how alert and happy chappy. He also said he has a "tall and lean" frame. That's definitely a Consani trait, as I come from a long line of midgets. I told him he's going to be a great runner, as he's a thoroughbred after all :-) The doc is a cyclist so tutted and informed me that cycling is best as "you can take in the world at the speed it should be enjoyed". I retorted by saying that cycling is what I do when I am a) injured b) commuting or c) enjoying a nice summer's day.

So, given that I am a)injured I had to dip in to my alternative exercise reserves and get back on the saddle. As it was quite chilly this morning I put on my long tights, jacket and gloves. After a collision with a wall a few years ago, which resulted in five clips in my head, I tend to wear a helmet when I'm on my bike. My sensible safety and clothing attire was a wise choice, as four miles along my route I ended up splattered on the middle of the road.

I was making my way up a hill on Bonhill Road, when I noticed a car approaching the junction on the left. I was slightly cautious as a car came out in front of me at the same spot last week, just missing me. I was sure the driver hadn't seen me, so I slowed down as I crossed. Unfortutunately he didn't slow down and to make matters worse, cut the corner...and smashed into my bike. I was thrown backwards and he took my bike with him.

So there I was flat on my back on the middle of a busy road. I could hear commotion round about me, but I think I was too stunned to move. Two women in a passing car rushed over to help me and the chap who hit me was standing over me practically crying and shaking. Possibly because he realised he'd hit a cyclist as a policecar was coming round the bend. Doh! I tried to get up but one of the policeman made me stay down and called an ambulance. The other stood in the road directing the gawking traffic. OMG I was mortified. I knew I'd have some cracking bruises, but I wasn't at death's door.

After I was checked over by the paramedics, I was safe to go. My legs had taken a bit of a bashing. Sod's law, my knees took the brunt of it. But my bike it totally mangled. Sonic came to pick me up, but the paramedics took my bike home in their ambulance. You can imagine the curtain-twitching on my street :-)

My knees are black and blue, but I was so thankful my skin was covered and I was wearing a helmet. Bet the driver is too - as he's been charged with careless driving. I told the policeman I didn't want him to be charged - accident's happen - but apparently I don't have a say in that.

So, running's out, my bike is in bits, the weather is too rubbish for walking and the local swimming pool closes at you think someone is trying to tell me something?

Thursday 5 March 2009

Next weekly round up.

Eh, nothing. Yep, nothing. So much for my great come back. Two weeks in and I'm out already. As briefly mentioned in my last post, my knees are goosed. To move, to touch and to bend. Yep, completely knackered. I knew running was out of question, so last Saturday I decided to cycle. It doesn't quite cut it, but it's better than nothing. I did a nice 13-mile route, which I really enjoyed. But since then, even walking has been a struggle. They feel better today, so hopefully I'll be able to do something over the weekend.

I was planning on going on a long walk today, but there's a bit of a snow blizzard going on so the great outdoors looks quite uninviting.

I suppose I'm slightly disheartened as I really wanted to get back into an exercise regime. I had big plans of shifting the extra 12lbs of post-baby weight that are hanging about my body. I don't feel particularly bad about it, but none of my pre-Cairn clothes fit me. And anyone who knows me, knows that's a lot of clothes! So for the last week I've been super healthy. I've been deciphering labels, counting calories, weighing portions and cooking lots of veg-packed dishes. I have to be quite sensible as I'm feeding Cairn, but I was really, really good. So after all that hard work, you can imagine how peeved I was to only loose 1lb. I thought breast feeding was supposed to burn loads of calories! Pah! That's enough to drive you to chocolate and red wine. I suppose it's step in the right direction, so it's back to the carrot sticks.