Thursday 5 March 2009

Next weekly round up.

Eh, nothing. Yep, nothing. So much for my great come back. Two weeks in and I'm out already. As briefly mentioned in my last post, my knees are goosed. To move, to touch and to bend. Yep, completely knackered. I knew running was out of question, so last Saturday I decided to cycle. It doesn't quite cut it, but it's better than nothing. I did a nice 13-mile route, which I really enjoyed. But since then, even walking has been a struggle. They feel better today, so hopefully I'll be able to do something over the weekend.

I was planning on going on a long walk today, but there's a bit of a snow blizzard going on so the great outdoors looks quite uninviting.

I suppose I'm slightly disheartened as I really wanted to get back into an exercise regime. I had big plans of shifting the extra 12lbs of post-baby weight that are hanging about my body. I don't feel particularly bad about it, but none of my pre-Cairn clothes fit me. And anyone who knows me, knows that's a lot of clothes! So for the last week I've been super healthy. I've been deciphering labels, counting calories, weighing portions and cooking lots of veg-packed dishes. I have to be quite sensible as I'm feeding Cairn, but I was really, really good. So after all that hard work, you can imagine how peeved I was to only loose 1lb. I thought breast feeding was supposed to burn loads of calories! Pah! That's enough to drive you to chocolate and red wine. I suppose it's step in the right direction, so it's back to the carrot sticks.


Marco Consani said...

Everyone thinks you look fantastic babes. Don't worry about having to run. Everything will come into place when your body is ready and then you will have a scorcher of a Devils.

John Kynaston said...

Hang in there Debs ... see the big picture and things will settle back in time.

Thanks for your support on Sunday. Holding the gate open at Derrydaroch was true style!


Silke said...

Yes, don't try too much too soon, it has only been about 10 weeks since you gave birth, hasn't it?!
It was great to see you and Cairn!
And please pass on my regards to Sharon and wish her a speedy recovery! That must have been a nasty fall to break her ribs!

Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

You got plenty of time babe! It will come and you will be faster than ever! (I was after my 3!)

Clare said...

it is frustrating, all of it! i'm in the same boat (except the knees...but i have time/work issues now). and i agree, breastfeeding is not helping me lose weight! but i don't care so much either. i hope i start to come summer though!!

Natalie D said...

well, some people have told me once we stop breastfeeding we'll drop the weight. Anyway, are you weighing yourself right after you feed him? Maybe the milk is adding in the pounds. My knees are problematic too. Do you think it is because our core muscles are weakened right now?
Hang in there! I'm sure the weight will drop off. At least I am telling myself that too. Mine seems to be going up.

Brian Mc said...

Scheduling in the exercise has been the biggest challenge my wife Kirstin has faced. However, even without much (almost no) exercise the weight has come off after 15 months. The breastfeeding does work, it just doesn't work quickly. Keep the spirits high.