Friday 27 February 2009

Weekly round up

I don't really have the time to post my daily drivel anymore...but I'm working on it. I've almost got my morning routine (getting myself, Cairn and the house ready) down to under three hours. Trust me, that's a huge improvement. It can take me 1.5 hours just to feed Cairn, by the time: he's fallen asleep numerous times; puked on me; burped; gets bored; and stares vacantly at the lights. Thankfully, I've have leant not to get dressed until I've bathed him, as the excitement of coming out of the water always makes him pee. And usually down my clean clothes. Which means more washing.

So, I'm slowly getting back into a exercise plan. The weather hasn't been too bad, so Cairn and I can go for long walks.

I'm still following the FIRST training program, so here are the updates.

Sunday, Feb 22: 7 mile run at long tempo pace.
This was a bit of a shabby attempt, as I was recovering from the wine/champagne/beer I drank at Sara's wedding. Oops. Plus, I'd left it so late in the evening, that my heart wasn't in it. But hey, I finished. But that's probably about all I achieved.
Splits: 10.36 (warm-up) 9.31, 9.19, 9.34, 9.37, 9.33. Average 9.34.

Tuesday, Feb 24: one mile warm up, 5 x 400m reps and one mile cool down.
There was no way I was driving out to a track, so I found a 400m route round two blocks of houses on my street. The times are probably a little wonky, as the route involved many ups and down off pavements and driveways and four 90 degree bends.
Rep times 3.58, 3.54, 3.53, 3.54, 3.48.

Thursday, Feb 26: 1 mile warm-up, 2 x short tempo pace, 1 x easy, 2 x short tempo pace and 1 x cool down.
I choose quite a hilly route to try and incorporate some hill training. Plus, I'd struggle to find a route round here that don't have killers hills :-)
Splits: 10.24, 9.06, 8.19, 9.42, 8.53, 8.44 and 9,59. Average 9.11.
There are quite a few points on this route that are dark and on uneven pavements, so you're forced to slow down. My plan was to try this again at the weekend in daylight, but my knees are shot. They seem to be easing off today, but they were really sore when I was up during the night. Hopefully it's more of an ache than an injury.



Marco Consani said...

I think you are doing brilliantly. :-)
I can't believe you are able to run at all so soon.


N.D. said...

wow! good for you doing speedwork and tempo runs. I can't imagine doing them yet! so what are you training for? that's awesome! great job!