Friday 20 February 2009

Who's getting married in the morning?

Dear Sara,
Thanks for the comment, but what are you doing reading blogs the night before your wedding day? Shouldn't you have curlers in your hair, practicing your vows...or climbing out of the bathroom window :-)
Can't wait to see you and Jerry tomorrow.
Debs xx

Also, good luck to Team Kynaston on their wedding day tomorrow. Laura is the first to fly the Bronte-esque coup. Looking forward to seeing the video of JK's Father-of-the-Bride speech. He did promise afterall ...

So tomorrow will be the first day I'll be parted from my boy. Yikes. He's off to stay at his Gran's for the night.


N.D. said...

I bet that is going to be hard! have fun @ the wedding!

John Kynaston said...

Thanks Debs ... great excitement at Team Kynaston HQ.

Speech written and all ready to go.

Now just need to make sure I don't fall over on my morning run!!


Anonymous said...

Hi Debs,

My mate Louise has been using that book for the London marathon as she does so many classes on top of her full time job that she cannot fit in much running.

She is finding it really useful although not necessarily finding the speed work times match the paces she can do for long runs.

She actually emailed the author to ask about all the classes etc in relation to the running and he was quite helpful.

I'll be trying out the backpack on Sat, thanks again for lending them!