Sunday 15 February 2009

Part deux

Today was the first day that Sonic and I has to juggle runs. So far he's had the free reign, but now it's a case of taking turns. He got to go first, as I've got to feed Cairn. So off he went at 8am to meet Lins, on the agreement that he'd be back at 9.30am. So I ran about like a blue-arsed fly to get everything sorted and waited...and waited. At 10.15am a broken Sonic returned spluttering apologies and dramatic stories about messed up routes, fatigue and Lins' hamstrings. Lins' wife was waiting for him to return so she could go out running, so he was in trouble too.

So off I went, with the aim of running five miles. My legs actually ached from Friday's run, so I felt quite jerky. I loosened up and started to get into it. I was pretty amazed how fitter I felt already. I remember when I started running seven years ago, that I was amazed how easy running became so quickly. So I'm hoping history will repeat itself.

The pace was pretty slow and steady, but my aim was to cover the mileage without stopping. Or at least dying.

I think my body's still suffering from the effects of childbirth. Although my stitches have healed, I still feel tender. My coxix still feels quite bruised. And my boobs are in tatters. Last week I had mastitis, but the antibiotics have cleared that up. Even if I wanted to take first dibs at running this morning, I don't think my boobs could take it. If Cairn doesn't feed during the night, then I wake up looking like Jordan :-) After a one hour attack by the milk monster, by boobs were rattling about in my sports bra like week-old water balloons :-) Sorry for the graphics, dear reader.

5.2 miles round Balloch. 51:56. Average 10.11 m/m


Marco Consani said...

I think that you are doing fab to even contemplate running after only 3 weeks.
Well done.


PS Sorry I was late...:-(

Anonymous said...

Sensational Debs - glad you have gotten out .. Are you going to rename the blog now that the baby is no longer on board ? Cheers - Keith

Anonymous said...

Hahaha! Jordan! Hilarious!
Bloody impressive to hear you're out running so soon, Debs.

Just getting my runners on these days is proving a challenge (damn bump keeps getting bigger!), however still get to the gym a few times a week and am still on the bike to work. Am really loving swimming as well.

Enjoy the running and don't let Marco get away with such tardiness!!

Georgie and Luke x