Saturday 14 February 2009

I'm back!

OK that may sound like a grand drama-hands statement. It should be more like I'm sneaking my way back. Last night I went out for my first run. I took my new trainers out of the box, put on my pre-pregnancy running gear and headed out into the dark streets. I took the first mile like I'd just been let out of a cage. It felt great to be lighter and have sole possession of my lungs. Unfortunately by mile two I was starting to pay for my over-sprightly start. I kind of ran/walked/jogged for another mile of so. Clocking up a total of 3.5 miles. Ho'd me back! But hey ho, it's a start. Every step is a step back to fitness...right?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Hope you're having a romantic day. Sonic and I managed to buy each other gifts from the new North Face store. Spooky. He went one step further with the red roses though. He even treated Cairn and I to a cross-country race and a trip to PC World to buy...(something I switched off to)... I know, I'm living the dream :-) We did go to Nanakusa for lunch for a sushi and noodle feast. Then I fell asleep 15 minutes into our evening's movie viewing.

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Clare said...

i beat you...i made a whole 50 minutes into our v-day movie before sleep won!