Tuesday 17 February 2009

On board to on tow.

As Keith kindly pointed out, I had to update my blog name. It was kind of my list of things to do over the last couple weeks. But like everything else on the list I never quite got round to it. Anyway, it's updated now. The baby on board is now the baby on tow. I think I preferred being a pregnant running, as at least I had an excuse. I've felt slightly self-conscious on my new-mum runs. I really want to get a T-shirt printed that states: "I've just had a baby. This IS fast".

It's been a year since I put the hit counter on my blog. Over 16,000 isn't bad. And they're not all me either :-) Thanks for reading, folks.


Anonymous said...

Nice one Debs - am looking forward to to the natural progression

Debs with Cairn in pushchair
Debs with another one onboard and one stopping to look at the pretty rocks
etc Cheers - Keith

Stephen Mulrine said...

debs's-son-running ;)

Davie said...

Debs being taken for a walk!
BTW did your mummy never warn you about talking to strange men, in Renton!
And wear reflective clothing if you are going to walk in front of me when I'm driving!!!

Natalie D said...

I want that shirt too. Can you make me one? I was thinking as I sprinted from the gym door to my car that it was kind of nice to go slow and have an excuse!

Brian Mc said...

10:11 pace - no to be laughed at ll. I'm rather impressed with your motivation, even through mastitis (aaagh). Keep it up! :-)