Monday 8 September 2014

My "please forgive me" shoes

I love shoes.  The only thing I love more than shoes, is new shoes.  Sometimes I think I only run because it justifies more shoes.  I pretty much wear a different pair every day.  Depending on where my journey takes me and the speed I want to get there, I have various options for footwear.  There's trail, road, hill, lightweights, more lightweight, cushioned and even cross-country shoes.  And anyone who knows me, knows I don't do cross-country.

Now I have a new category.  My go-to "please forgive me" shoes.  You know when you've kicked the arse out of training and your legs are in a huff, but you still need to squeeze in another long run because it's back-to-back weekend?  Well, I would highly recommend the new Hoka Stinson ATR  When I've got fat feet and my legs are in dire need of some TLC, these little babies have get me safely and comfortable round day two.

In my opinion they're be perfect for: Recovery jogs; mega distance runs; tired legs runs and multi-terrain.  I did a pretty epic long run last weekend, which took in trails, towpath, lots of tarmac and the West Highland Way.  The Hoka Stinson ATR were the ideal hybrid shoe for the distance and alternating terrain.

The update of the popular Stinson - which still mains the oversized cushioning - includes new breathable mess upper with improved durability and a reduction in weight.   And they have pink in them.  Seriously, what more do you need?