Friday 27 February 2009

Weekly round up

I don't really have the time to post my daily drivel anymore...but I'm working on it. I've almost got my morning routine (getting myself, Cairn and the house ready) down to under three hours. Trust me, that's a huge improvement. It can take me 1.5 hours just to feed Cairn, by the time: he's fallen asleep numerous times; puked on me; burped; gets bored; and stares vacantly at the lights. Thankfully, I've have leant not to get dressed until I've bathed him, as the excitement of coming out of the water always makes him pee. And usually down my clean clothes. Which means more washing.

So, I'm slowly getting back into a exercise plan. The weather hasn't been too bad, so Cairn and I can go for long walks.

I'm still following the FIRST training program, so here are the updates.

Sunday, Feb 22: 7 mile run at long tempo pace.
This was a bit of a shabby attempt, as I was recovering from the wine/champagne/beer I drank at Sara's wedding. Oops. Plus, I'd left it so late in the evening, that my heart wasn't in it. But hey, I finished. But that's probably about all I achieved.
Splits: 10.36 (warm-up) 9.31, 9.19, 9.34, 9.37, 9.33. Average 9.34.

Tuesday, Feb 24: one mile warm up, 5 x 400m reps and one mile cool down.
There was no way I was driving out to a track, so I found a 400m route round two blocks of houses on my street. The times are probably a little wonky, as the route involved many ups and down off pavements and driveways and four 90 degree bends.
Rep times 3.58, 3.54, 3.53, 3.54, 3.48.

Thursday, Feb 26: 1 mile warm-up, 2 x short tempo pace, 1 x easy, 2 x short tempo pace and 1 x cool down.
I choose quite a hilly route to try and incorporate some hill training. Plus, I'd struggle to find a route round here that don't have killers hills :-)
Splits: 10.24, 9.06, 8.19, 9.42, 8.53, 8.44 and 9,59. Average 9.11.
There are quite a few points on this route that are dark and on uneven pavements, so you're forced to slow down. My plan was to try this again at the weekend in daylight, but my knees are shot. They seem to be easing off today, but they were really sore when I was up during the night. Hopefully it's more of an ache than an injury.


Friday 20 February 2009

Who's getting married in the morning?

Dear Sara,
Thanks for the comment, but what are you doing reading blogs the night before your wedding day? Shouldn't you have curlers in your hair, practicing your vows...or climbing out of the bathroom window :-)
Can't wait to see you and Jerry tomorrow.
Debs xx

Also, good luck to Team Kynaston on their wedding day tomorrow. Laura is the first to fly the Bronte-esque coup. Looking forward to seeing the video of JK's Father-of-the-Bride speech. He did promise afterall ...

So tomorrow will be the first day I'll be parted from my boy. Yikes. He's off to stay at his Gran's for the night.

Thursday 19 February 2009

First day on the job

As previously mentioned I'm going to follow the 12 week 10K plan. It's called the FIRST training program and based on three quality training runs per week. The sessions are much more intense and focus on strength, speed and endurance. Every run is either reps or tempo runs at race pace. The tempo pace is broken down to short, mid and long pace (depending on distance) and based on the runners' 5K pace. I'm a bit in no-mans land with regards to race times, so I'm going with a medium between my 54min 10K at five months pregnant and my 57min 10K at six months pregnant. Now I know I'm not pregnant anyone, but up until last week I had only run three miles in seven weeks.

So the plan for tonight was 1 mile warm-up, 3 x miles at short tempo pace (8.59m/m) and 1 mile cool down.

The longer I upped the pace, the "easier" it got. I really think it's just reminding my body that I can run faster. Here are the scores: 10.11, 8.38, 8.42, 8.59 and 9.48 (average 9.17).

Tuesday 17 February 2009

Plan needed

Yesterday, Cairn and I went for an eight mile walk. I really enjoyed moving briskly and getting some fresh air. He was so underwhelmed that he slept the whole way. I was weird to think that the last time I walked this route round Dumbarton I was trying to bring on labour.

Today I had a dentist appointment at 10am. I swear I had to start getting organised at 7am. Gone are the days when I'm showered, dressed and out the door in an hour. There always seems to be some drama - usually involving frequent changes and feeds. Cairn decided to throw up on my boobs %-) And when I whipped him out of the bath to answer the door to the postman - he peed all down the front of my top. Just when I was telling the postman he's as "good as gold".

Then the health visitor was round in the afternoon to check on Cairn's progress and my mental well-being. Gawd, they ask a lot of daft questions. Like am I "managing" to eat breakfast, lunch and dinner? Yeah, probably about two of each and snacks.

After Sonic finished work, I got to go for a run. Thankfully he's got a new lunchtime training group, so we don't need to divvy up weeknight running time. Unfortunately I don't really know anyone in the area, so any me-time exercise involves waiting on Sonic or a 55 mile round trip to where all my family live.

Tonight I was hoping to pick up the pace a little. Lord knows I couldn't go any slower than Sunday's run - without going backwards. Again, I felt better and fitter, but I was slightly overdressed. I hadn't really taken into account the sudden rise in temperature. Two running tops weren't needed. I did a one mile warm-up and then five-miles at a steady pace. I don't quite have the drive to push the pace. Which is probably just as well, as I would only end up injuring an already ruined body.

Total distance: Five miles. 48:39. Splits 10.01, 9.34, 9.37, 9.36, 9.45. Average 9.43. I really need some hill training, as I got to pot on even the slightest incline.

I've been thinking over the last couple of weeks, I need a plan. Although my aim is to start with the women's 10K in May and then build up to the Devils in August, I've got no idea how to get there.

I bought this book and it seems to give some solutions. It's based on three quality runs a week. There's a 12 week 10K plan, which I'm going to follow. I'll report back once I've read some more.

On board to on tow.

As Keith kindly pointed out, I had to update my blog name. It was kind of my list of things to do over the last couple weeks. But like everything else on the list I never quite got round to it. Anyway, it's updated now. The baby on board is now the baby on tow. I think I preferred being a pregnant running, as at least I had an excuse. I've felt slightly self-conscious on my new-mum runs. I really want to get a T-shirt printed that states: "I've just had a baby. This IS fast".

It's been a year since I put the hit counter on my blog. Over 16,000 isn't bad. And they're not all me either :-) Thanks for reading, folks.

Sunday 15 February 2009

Part deux

Today was the first day that Sonic and I has to juggle runs. So far he's had the free reign, but now it's a case of taking turns. He got to go first, as I've got to feed Cairn. So off he went at 8am to meet Lins, on the agreement that he'd be back at 9.30am. So I ran about like a blue-arsed fly to get everything sorted and waited...and waited. At 10.15am a broken Sonic returned spluttering apologies and dramatic stories about messed up routes, fatigue and Lins' hamstrings. Lins' wife was waiting for him to return so she could go out running, so he was in trouble too.

So off I went, with the aim of running five miles. My legs actually ached from Friday's run, so I felt quite jerky. I loosened up and started to get into it. I was pretty amazed how fitter I felt already. I remember when I started running seven years ago, that I was amazed how easy running became so quickly. So I'm hoping history will repeat itself.

The pace was pretty slow and steady, but my aim was to cover the mileage without stopping. Or at least dying.

I think my body's still suffering from the effects of childbirth. Although my stitches have healed, I still feel tender. My coxix still feels quite bruised. And my boobs are in tatters. Last week I had mastitis, but the antibiotics have cleared that up. Even if I wanted to take first dibs at running this morning, I don't think my boobs could take it. If Cairn doesn't feed during the night, then I wake up looking like Jordan :-) After a one hour attack by the milk monster, by boobs were rattling about in my sports bra like week-old water balloons :-) Sorry for the graphics, dear reader.

5.2 miles round Balloch. 51:56. Average 10.11 m/m

Saturday 14 February 2009

I'm back!

OK that may sound like a grand drama-hands statement. It should be more like I'm sneaking my way back. Last night I went out for my first run. I took my new trainers out of the box, put on my pre-pregnancy running gear and headed out into the dark streets. I took the first mile like I'd just been let out of a cage. It felt great to be lighter and have sole possession of my lungs. Unfortunately by mile two I was starting to pay for my over-sprightly start. I kind of ran/walked/jogged for another mile of so. Clocking up a total of 3.5 miles. Ho'd me back! But hey ho, it's a start. Every step is a step back to fitness...right?

Happy Valentine's Day everyone. Hope you're having a romantic day. Sonic and I managed to buy each other gifts from the new North Face store. Spooky. He went one step further with the red roses though. He even treated Cairn and I to a cross-country race and a trip to PC World to buy...(something I switched off to)... I know, I'm living the dream :-) We did go to Nanakusa for lunch for a sushi and noodle feast. Then I fell asleep 15 minutes into our evening's movie viewing.

Tuesday 10 February 2009

Three weeks on...and I don't know where the time has gone.

I haven't quite got round to going for a run yet. I'm thinking about venturing out before the weekend. Does thinking about it count?

In the meantime, here are a few more pictures of Cairn. I promise I'll stop posting baby pictures when I've got something running-wise to chat about :-)