Thursday 19 February 2009

First day on the job

As previously mentioned I'm going to follow the 12 week 10K plan. It's called the FIRST training program and based on three quality training runs per week. The sessions are much more intense and focus on strength, speed and endurance. Every run is either reps or tempo runs at race pace. The tempo pace is broken down to short, mid and long pace (depending on distance) and based on the runners' 5K pace. I'm a bit in no-mans land with regards to race times, so I'm going with a medium between my 54min 10K at five months pregnant and my 57min 10K at six months pregnant. Now I know I'm not pregnant anyone, but up until last week I had only run three miles in seven weeks.

So the plan for tonight was 1 mile warm-up, 3 x miles at short tempo pace (8.59m/m) and 1 mile cool down.

The longer I upped the pace, the "easier" it got. I really think it's just reminding my body that I can run faster. Here are the scores: 10.11, 8.38, 8.42, 8.59 and 9.48 (average 9.17).


Davie said...

Good start, but I can't help thinking that means 4 days of not running! You'll go stir crazy!
If you can manage a couple of days easy running, add that in. Mind you, accompanying Cairn on his 70 mile a week regime might help.
My concern is that 10k in May to 43 miles in August is a big step.
Can't assist with babysitting (only because of time gap of 22 years) but always willing to make runs if you want company.

Anonymous said...

Hey Debs! Great to hear your getting a plan into action! Once I'm back I would be more than happy to watch Cairn particularly on a Monday if you need to be getting some distance in, anyway we can blethere about that later! See you tomorrow!

Subversive Runner said...

Nice one Debs.