Friday, 27 March 2009

Some Flip videos





Dario said...

challenge to everyone, so that cairn gets justice we must endevour to get footage of his mum or dad hiccuping and post that...
boo most unfair, pick on someone your own size mum!
cute thou!

Davie said...

That's some wind he's passing too! Typical Vale weather?

Marco Consani said...

Wait until you see his being sick video. It's hilarious.
Ahh, we are terrible parents.

Davie said...

Just watched the next two; he does have an uncanny resemblance to his father!

John Kynaston said...

great videos!!

Looking forward to seeing you all on Sunday.


Anonymous said...

One somnolent video sufficient for me, must have too much time on my hands :¬).
Funny old world one surfing stranger looking at others progeny.
Bonny looking child, watch out - kids they muck you up!