Tuesday 24 March 2009

Cairn's first kilt

I'm lovin' my new Flip Mino. It's so easy to use - I didn't need to read the instructions. It's so light, I actually thought the box was empty. And I can just plug it into my computer and email or post on the net, without having to save or faff around. In summary, it's brilliant. And much cheapness too. I got it on Amazon for £100.

Anyway, I'll post some videos soon. But in the meantime, here's some pics of my boy in his kilt for Rob and Kas' wedding party at the weekend.

(thanks for the pictures, Anita)


Subversive Runner said...

Little fella looks rather dashing, Debs.

Lee Maclean said...

Check out the wee barra in his kilt, crackin'.
When did he get so big?!? He has doubled in size. And BTW, did nobody tell you guys that new Mammies and Daddies are supposed to looked knackered all the time.... he he.
Gorg pics Debs.

Mrs Mac x

Unknown said...

great debs, whats the tartan?

Vicky said...

That is such a cute wee outfit!!