Monday 3 March 2008

Feeling miles better

Booked myself in for a sports' massage with Christine at Achilles Heel. I thought my luck was in when she said her arms were knackered after a session on the ice wall in Kinlochleven. No such joy. She still had in her to cause me immense pain. I realised my memory is short, as I recalled the same agony from a month ago. I think it's this kind of memory lapse that's the force behind multiple child birth. Marco's hopes off me being up the duff and on his WHW support team are shattered. I can't even cope with a massage.

On a positive note, my legs felt much better. My mascara was a mess and I'd practically burst a vain in my head, but my legs were OK ;-) Just in time for mile reps round Knightswood Park. We almost didn't make it, as it took us longer to get out the car than it did to do the session. Did one lap as a warm up. Well, me doing 5K pace and Marco warming up. One these days the warm-up is going to be my fastest lap. After sending him on his way, I set off on my own. Three laps in 6.49, 6.31 and 6.31 with three minute recoveries.

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