Tuesday 11 March 2008

Park reps

OK, the PB party's over. Hangover (almost) shifted. Time to get to get back to training. Can't make Garscube run tonight, so I thought I'd sneak in a wee lunchtime speed session. Dragged Sonic along for the fun too. We haven't done the 600m reps in Kelvingrove this year, so that was the chosen one. It's a great circuit - with a stonkin' hill at the far end, a few big puddles and lots of dogs to maneuver round. It's almost an adventure run.

I thought I was holding up OK after Sunday's race. Legs good. No pains. And a rest day yesterday. Starting out along Waterloo Street told a different story though. I felt like I was breathing through a straw and trying to turnover legs like rusty wheels. The warm-up - which was interrupted within frequent burst of "MY recovery pace, Marco" - was tougher than the speed session. Felt a bit better by the time we got to Kelvingrove Park. The park with full of runners today. It was hard to believe we were actually still in Glasgow. Marco's eyes lit up like Christmas trees when he spotted a pack of fast boys (including Lindsay Cunningham and Scott Kennedy) out doing long reps. I had to drag him away again when he suggested going to join them.

I decided on five reps with one minute recovery. 2.16, 2.15, 2.14, 2.12, 2.10. Struggle to start, but the last two felt easier. (Time's from November's session were 2.23, 2.18, 2.17, 2.18, 2.15)

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