Saturday 2 August 2008

The non-long run + 16 weeks pix

Gone are the days of epic distances at the weekend. I really think 10 miles could be my maximum over the next wee while. Today I opted for seven-miles round my usual Dumbarton route. I've done quite a bit this week - including swimming yesterday - so thought it would be best to take it easy. OK, easy-ish. When I came back from my run (which I started at 7am) I cycled next to Sonic who was running the 10-mile of the Balloch Horseshoe.

For those interested in the progress of the bump. Here's some pictures of me at 16-weeks.

Marco's alternative blog report: Three miles easy (average 7.27), followed by six miles at PE level 8 (6.53, 6.50, 6.34, 7.20, 6.55, 6.27 average 6.50) and then a one mile cool down. I keep shouting at him to sort out his terrible heel-strike and hip-bent running form. I fear my coaching days could be numbered! ;-)

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Brian Mc said...

Looking good there Debs - hope all is going well!