Tuesday 12 August 2008

Four's a chore

I was full of great intentions today, but I only managed a four-mile run after work. And that was only because Sonic dropped me off four-miles from the house. I remember the days when I wouldn't have bothered dirtying a pair of socks for four miles. Mind you, I also remember the days when I didn't breath like I'd lost a lung. Anyway, after the initial humming and hawing and will I/won't I, I had a fabulous run. There was a nice drizzle, so I dint' overheat. And I managed the whole four-miles without a nature call. Now that's an accomplishment!

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Clare said...

four is my new ten!! and i don't even mind...i'm just so happy running is better now (22 weeks) than it was earlier (like 14 weeks). the peeing thing has improved for me too...for now!