Friday 29 August 2008

Let the holiday begin

Last night I went up to Garscube training. I ran with Kas, who is the first person I've ran with since I found out I was preggers. I suppose I've just felt more comfortable doing my own thing of late. I can stop for a breather, walk, take it easy or jump behind bush if I like. Considering Kas was my final support runner in the final stage of the WHW, she's seen me in a MUCH worse state. The 5.91 mile route (top gate, anniesland, southbrae, danes, anniesland road, home)took us 56.28. Average 9.33 m/m. I felt pretty good, but the hills are really starting to take their toll. And I bowed out of joining Kas on her sprint finish.

I went to the gym before work this morning for my usual cross-training and swim. I'm quite motivated, so getting up early is never really a problem for me. Just don't ask me to stay up past 10pm. The main challenge is the morning is getting Sonic out of bed to come with me. When I wake him at 5.50am, he rolls about squealing like a lobster in boiling water for about five minutes. Today, I took the cruel option in a vain attempt to speed up the process and pulled the covers off him. With a swinging arm tried to grab the disappearing sheet...and whacked himself in the goolies. You can't buy that kind of entertainment :-)

I've finished up at work for two whole weeks. Woohoo! We're off to Vietnam on Tuesday for a spot of sightseeing and wee bit of trekking. Can't wait. I'm starting to feel a little worn out, so I'm actually looking forward to the 15-hour flight.


Subversive Runner said...

Have a nice time on your hols, Debs. Hope Marco's recovered by then!!

Thomas said...

How on earth can someone look forward to a 15 hour flight?

Anyway, you both have fun in Vietnam!

Dirk has created a wee movie about or last weeks munro bag in Glencoe, you can see that on my blog if you like.

Anonymous said...

Hi, sorry I missed yesterday. I looked up my travel diary from our trip to Asia and could find mentions of lots of nice food and restaurants but had only written the name of one! It was the Hoa Sua restaurant and it was one of a couple that was set up as a way to help disadvantaged/homeless kids as they do the cooking and waitressing etc and I think they get to stay together etc. It was a little out of the city centre but we got a taxi or tuktuk or something. I am sure I had heard of it before we got to Hanoi but could not find it in my travel guide. It was not particularly vietnamese food I do not think as I wrote that I had seabass and profiteroles but it was very nice and I liked the principles behind it!

Of museums the best ones we went to were the Ho Chi Min Masoleum Complex (but go early as big queues and be prepared to do exactly as you are told!) and the womens museum which was really good, lot of explanations in english as I remember and informative. I think even Neal was interested. There was a lot to do with their involvement in the Vietnam war etc.

We would particularly recommmend that you go to Halong Bay, although preferable to go and stay on a island and really explore the area for a few days (my brother and sister-in-law did that) we just went for a day trip and even the 3 hour bus ride is well worth it as it is a stunning trip out on the junka (or some word like that for a boat) through the islands. You see villages out on the water etc. We just booked it in Hanoi in one of the travel agencies.

I had done an immense amount of research on each country we visited before we went, unfortunately don't know where that is now as could have given you a lot more info with that.

Hope that has helped a little though and that you have a brilliant trip. I was the same with the flight to Malawi - it was end of term-itis and I slept pretty much the whole way and could have happily stayed on the plane when we arrived in Malawi just to sleep!