Sunday 31 August 2008

Paisley 10K

Today I dragged my chubby body and tired legs round the Paisley 10K. Bagging two Munros the day before isn't ideal preparation for a race, but hey, who's taking it seriously? Actually my legs probably weren't as achy as they should be.

You know you're in Paisley when you get to race registration and two of the runners are outside smoking. Now that's a challenge! To them, anything less would be cheating.

It was nice to start a race feeling so relaxed. I perched up near the back of the pack, as I thought it would be best to overtake rather than be trodden on. My legs were a little stiff for the first few kilometres, but at least I didn't walk - like some did. Once I'd loosened up my muscles I would good to go. The only thing that holds me back is my oxygen supply.

It was a pretty muggy day, so I felt quite dehydrated. Especially considering I didn't drink anything prior to the race - I was determined to get round without stopping :-) So as we rounded the corner at 4K, the marshall directed us along the left side of road - when the water station was on the right!? There was a wee guy dodging the traffic and running across with cups of water. Call me old fashioned, but wouldn't it have made more sense to carry the water table over the road? So I missed the water stop. And when I got to the station at 7K, there a queue for a serve-yourself water canister. I ran through that one too. That aside, it was a great race. Fabulous new course, which takes out the misery of the steep hill at 9K. It was well organised and well marshalled and there were pipers or drummers at every kilometre mark.

I felt really good the whole way round. And I really felt I ran well, considering. Steady and comfortable. I finished in 54.34, which I was really pleased with. Six months ago I would have probably thrown myself off a bridge, but I won't be comparing times for a while. Now it's just about staying fit and healthy and participating in the joy of races. Plus, I can't let Sonic catch up medals. I'll be back next year to better it. Well, hopefully :-)

Spilts: 9.10, 9.07, 9.15, 9.17, 8.55, 8.42

After twisting Sonic's arm to sign-up, he put in a sterling effort and finished in 29th position with 36:43. A few minutes of his PB, but much better than he expected.


Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Hi Deb Well done on the 10k...

and I thought you would be packing!! Silly me, I know blogging is more important than remembering to take your toothbrush to Vietnam...after all you get to buy what you forget;-)

Hope you have a great holiday. Rx

N.D. said...

Haha, that's funny you said you would have thrown yourself off a bridge, I was feeling that way on Saturday during my run. How much slower have you become in your mile pace? I feel like I am toooo slow and my pace has been affected not only by pregnancy but knee problems. It is frustrating. Great job on the run though. Those are great mile paces pregnant or not!