Thursday 21 August 2008

The power of ten

I actually ran 10 whole miles tonight. And a very hilly 10 miles at that. Who would have thought I'd be chuffed at running 10 miles?

It was a glorious night - fresh and sunny - and the views were amazing. It's my favourite route (over to milngavie, through the back roads to Langbank), so when it was on the cards for the Garscube training night, I knew I had to give it a bash. I left a little early to allow myself plenty of time. The steep hills were a bit of a struggle, but I followed JK's WHW race plan and ran up 20 breaths and then walked for 20 seconds before carrying on and repeating. I really enjoyed the run. And the country roads made for easy "comfort breaks". Double bonus.

I got back well before the others. Only to discover it was only the fast guys who took the longer option. The rest coped out with a shorter six-miler. I was glad to see the guys were completely goosed and panting about it being a tough course. I'm sure there exertion levels were much higher than mine. And they did finish 30 minutes faster than me. But hey, it's all relative...?

Average pace 10:11

1 comment:

N.D. said...

wow, that gives me so much hope!!! What week are you on again??
GREAT JOB!! and kicking the guys butts by doing 10!