Sunday 10 August 2008

Hangover free for me. How novel.

This hangover free Sunday malarky is getting to be quite a habit. Who would have thought I'd wake up bright as a button after a wedding? The same couldn't be said for Sonic though. After working his way through copious amounts of beer, wine AND whisky, it was him that wanted to vacate the party early. I'm not convinced he didn't use me as an excuse though. So after he bounced out of the venue, passed out in the car, threatened to throw up and then crawled up the stairs to bed, he wasn't full of the joys of summer when I got up for my run at 7am.

I just went round my usual 7-mile route through Dumbarton. I was a great morning for a run. Fresh and drizzly, just the way I like it. I felt great, so 9m/m seems really easy. Although I've been very lucky with my general well-being during pregnancy, the toilet stops are getting beyond a joke. I had to stop TWICE. And I didn't even drink anything before I left for my run. I'm going to get an ASBO (or an anti social behaviour order - for my overseas readers) soon. Mind you, where we live an ASBO is probably a recognised qualification. ;-)

My plan was to run round my route and then cycle with Sonic on his 12-mile tempo. I'm sure that was Sonic's plan his head. He'd just forgotten to tell his legs. When I got home, he'd got as far as eating breakfast and had retired to the sofa to watch archery at the Olympics. I mean, who actually watches archery on TV? Apparently it's quite gripping.


Davie said...

Take care on them Dumbarton streets. My run on Saturday included passing by a guy holding his cheek together to stop the blood. he must have had at least a four inch slash mark. That was at 1.30pm so God knows how things are come shutting time in the ancient capital of Strathclyde!
I think we need some subversive security out there.
As far as Sonic's hangover goes, why don't you challenge him to a race next time he's got one, that'll cure him.

Davie said...

Have you deleted "Feeling the Pinch"?
When I click on it from the web log it tells me the page doesn't exist. Or is it private and X-rated as it seems to focus on an expanding waist line? Hope you continue to keep well.