Thursday 31 July 2008

Going clubbing

I would say I finally made it back to club training tonight, but that's technically not true. I kinda made it back to club training, in the sense that I turned up at Garscube and ran the six-mile route that was on the cards for tonight...but I skulked out ten minutes early and ran by myself. It's not that I was being anti-social, I just wanted to take it easy. It was a quite a hilly course and I have done quite a bit this week. Given that my oxygen supply is not what it used to be, I wanted to make sure I'd behave and walk if need be. Plus, I didn't want to patronise people by dropping groups as I have to run really, really slow now. In the end I was quite happy to run myself and just meet up with everyone at the finish.

I had a really great run. Nice and easy. But the best thing about it was it was raining and windy. I never thought I'd say this, but it was absolute bliss. It really kept my new-found central heating system in control. Roll on the winter!

The first three miles were a gently uphill - someone shoot the route master - and then it was pretty good from there. The toughest thing is resisting the urge to pick up the pace on the down hills. In fact I really have to slow it down, as everything seems to be a bit bouncy ;-)

Drymen - Stockiemuir - Milngavie - Canniesburn - home. 6 miles in 58 minutes.

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