Wednesday 9 July 2008

I think I've found my lost mojo

Well, I bite the bullet and went out for my first run since the WHW race. And what a glorious and enjoyable experience it was. The sun was shining and there was a light breeze keeping me cool. My legs felt as light as feather and I had to constantly slow myself down, as 7m/miles wasn't the plan for a easy recovery run. Little birds and deers followed me along my route, with joyful smiles of encouragement... Bah! Bet you thought you'd stumbled on John K's blog by accident. Te He. In reality my return to the pounding of the pavement was distinctly average.

Don't get me wrong I haven't been completely idol for the last few weeks (a la Sonic style). I've been going to the gym most days. Working on the elliptical cross-training contraption, silly stepper thingy and randomly picking up some weights. Oh and there's been pilates and yoga too, but I know that doesn't count. The bones in my feet have been a bit of mess, so it's only over the last few days that I've considered running. Plus there was the drama of finding my lost mojo.

Sonic and I even did a bit of hillwalking on Saturday. I ticked off Munro number 86, by bagging Beinn Chabhair behind Beinglas Farm. I thought my legs were going to buckle at the sight of the West Highland Way, but they held up until the initial steep ascent. The weather as glorious and we managed to get up and down before the downpours started. After a fabulous day on the hills we went to the cinema to see Hancock and then went to Wagamamas for a noodle feast. How's that for a perfect day out?

Meanwhile, back at the ranch... I've pretty goosed most of today. Sonic was up at 3.30am for the red-eye flight to Amsterdam. Which basically means I've been up since 3.30am. Can't complain though, as at least this time he remembered his wedding ring! But don't get me started on that. I tried everything to get back to sleep. Counting sheep, reading, talking myself back to sleep. I even tried mentally reliving the WHW route. I gave up at 5.30 and decided to go to the gym. Bit more cross-training, but I was still adamant I was going for a run tonight. And I did. Just an easy 4.5-miler round Balloch. I wore my Garmin- just to log the miles - but didn't look at the pace. I'm going to have a week of pace-pressure free running. I generally felt OK, but my knees are still really weak.

I even bumped into Jim Robertson (now a 12 time WHWR finisher) when I was heading back home, so it was nice to catch up with another ejit. Especially someone who's 12 times the ejit I am.

So, I've got an empty and sole power over the remote control. Sonic's presently OD-ing on sushi in the Dam. I not used to having room to sleep. Sonic likes to sleep in the middle of the bed - diagonally. It's not annoying at all ;-)


Silke said...

Hi Debs,
what a funny 1st paragraph! You had me fooled. I was starting to wonder where you had been for your run or if indeed you might still be hallucinating all this time after your WHWR ...

And very well done for reaching your £5000 target. Congratulations!
You have both worked very hard for this!

Rachel Jayne Stevenson/Rogers said...

Hey Debs

Good to read you back! Take it easy.

And by the and pilates definitely DO COUNT!

Rach x

Davie said...

Check the Lennox Herald. You've made the back page! It only took them an extra week to print it, but at least they printed it this time. They are also responsible for editing it and it looks a bit unbalanced with JR hogging the limelight. Then again he is due 12 times the space!

Davie said...

Message for Marco;
Since you have all these lonely hotel room nights with nothing better to do, get on the lap top and get your WHW blog done!

Subversive Runner said...

Debs, I was reading your first paragraph and was about to strike 'Debs on Running' off my list of WHW blogs. There's not enough room for anymore time and motion obsessed blogs.

Did you like Hancock? I went to see it last week and thought it was great.

I guess you can play your bagpipes to your heart's content with marco away.

Debs M-C said...

Dave W - I've been going crazy with the ol' bagpipes. Not quite made it up another mountain yet though.

I though Hancock was pretty good. I like a film that doesn't involve too much thinking ;-)

Davie H - Keep forgetting to buy the paper. Going to try for one on the way home tonight. Ps: It was me beeping and waving at you (with the Millie crew) last night.