Saturday 26 July 2008

Hot hills

Sonic and I had another fabulous weekend of walking. We left the caravan (in a random lay-by) near Invergarry on Wednesday and went to collect it last night. Thankfully all was OK. Sonic did harbour thoughts of theft, burn-outs or being trashed by neds. I, of course, have more (sometimes unjustified) faith in humanity.

It was another fabulous night. Warm and sunny. Unfortunately where we stopped for the night was a midge hell-hole. Any ventures outside the caravan were like a scene from Killer Bees.

There was a downpour of rain in the wee small hours, but the sun was out in a vengeance by the time we started out. Since my core temperature seems to have gone through the roof of late, I was like a mobile furnace all day. Although I'm sure Sonic would have likened me to a Gremlin.

The plan for the day was to do Gleouraich and Spidean Mialach - two Munros that lie between Loch Quioch and Loch Cluanie.

It was fairly easy, but steep, ascent. Great stalkers path with solid steps - my favourite. Unfortunately the beasties were out on force. Horseflies seems to take a liking to me. My bites have bites.

The views from the summit were amazing. It was so warm and still that even the midges had made their way up. Oh joy. There was a long walk, with a height drop of 300m over to the second Munro.

We finished the route in just over five hours. As it was early afternoon and a glorious day, we decided to squeeze in another Munro. As you do. Auch, it was just down the road after all. But sssh, don't tell my Mum.

The ascent of Sgurr a Mhaoraich was again pretty straightforward. A nice steady stalker's path leading us up to the summit. Sonic informed me that trusty ol' Cameron McNeish said the route should take five hours. I don't think that prediction was based on doing a full day walking before starting. Or taking into account the blistering (OK, blistering for the Highlands) heat. I had cut back on clothing and weight in my rucksack, so this hill felt much more comfortable. I think I've got a few months of playing damsel ahead of me. Sorry, Sonic. I did point out that there was two couples on the first hill of the morning and the women were carrying absolutely nothing. Pah! cheaters!

Surprisingly I felt better on the third Munro. Maybe that's the endurance runner in me. Take 10 miles to warm up ;-) Half-way through the descent I which pretty much over it though. My feet and knees ached, I'd been eaten alive and my neck was burnt to a crisp. You can tell I'm Scottish when I've got the cheek to complain about a sunny day on the hills.

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Brian Mc said...

Sun and hills! You make me very envious indeed! :-)