Friday 25 July 2008

Club five-mile race

It's a well-attended and sociable annual event, so I went along for a giggle. No pressure just a steady run round the reservoir in Milngavie. The bonus was it was a gorgeous summer's night. And the double-bonus was that I wasn't last :-) My aim was to run 9m/m...or how I felt. But no faster. Guess what? I finished in 45:03. How's that for pacing? I felt pretty good all the way round. The only negative was that five-miles is along way without a pee-stop ;-)

It was great to see all the troops again. It's only been a month, but it seems like forever. Sonic even donned his trainers for the second time since the race. Considering injury and distinct lack of training he finished in a fabulous time of 32:something. Well done to my brother-in-law, Paul who finally got round to whipping Sonic's ass. They try to disguise their competitiveness by claiming they focus on different disciplines - Paul being a very good track runner - but everyone knows what drives the Brothers Consani. Congratulations, Paul on taking two minutes off last year's time. And I'm very impressed you didn't milk the victory a little more. I cast up my Devil's trophy at least twice a week ;-)

No running this weekend, as Sonic and I are off on another hillwalking adventure.

There's a humorous debate on the WHWR forum about what we should call the bambino. Click here to read the latest suggestions. NB: Before you start reading, please bare in mind these people are nuts!

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