Thursday 10 July 2008

And some more

Well so much for enjoying the whole bed to myself. A Sonic-free night resulted in me waking every 30 mins and then being as bright as a button at 5am. This time I didn't try to fight it, I just got up and went to the gym. Nothing to strenuous, just half an hour on the cross-trainer and a few bits 'n' bobs.

I'm glad I did left the house early though, as the weather was awful. Heavy rain during the night had caused severe flooding on the roads and I couldn't see a thing for the spray. My wee Aygo was getting thrown about every time I hit a puddle. I was really excited about the thought of travelling through to Edinburgh for a meeting later in the morning.

Thankfully the weather cleared by 9am. And, more importantly, I was back from Edinburgh in time to go to my yoga class at lunchtime. Boy did my muscles need a stretch.

I went for a seven-mile run (well, jog) round Dumbarton when I got home. Nothing much to report, just trying to get back into a regular training regime.

Regularly updates from Sonic seem to dispute his opinion on how he hates travelling for work. I told you about the sushi feast last night. I forgot to mention that he was flying business class, so missed the queues at the airport and had the whole cabin to himself. Then he stayed in a luxury hotel, before flying to Paris this morning. he texted me this afternoon - slightly squiffy - after a lunch of veal and red wine. He's back tonight, so the jolly's over. Not before he skives off tomorrow, by "working-from-home" so he can await the arrival of his new iphone 3G. Sounds like torture, doesn't it? Sometimes I don't know how he copes.


Davie said...

We wave back to everyone! Some come at us from behind and peep, They get a special wave!

Subversive Runner said...

Debs, I find a glass or two of the old vino collapso aids sleep!!

Brian Mc said...

Or a pint or two of good quality British ale. Hic. zzzzz. See?