Thursday 17 July 2008

Running with baby on board

Oh well, I best explain myself then. I hope you've all got over the initial shock. Sonic and I are still working it. Firstly, I would like to point out that I was totally and utterly blissfully oblivious to the fact that I was 10 weeks pregnant when I was hauling my ass (and the prawn-like Bambino) along 96 miles of the West Highland Way. I had no symptoms or reason to believe I was pregnant. No morning sickness or nausea. I was a little more tired than usual, but I put that down to long training runs and then the taper.

Without being to personal or graphic, my cycle is a little erratic to say the least. Anything from 30 days to five months, is considered normal for me. In a vain attempt to get my cycle is working order (did I say I wasn't getting personal?), we opted for a more natural form a birth control...and invested $500 on the the biggest pile of f-ing junk known to mankind. A contraption called the LadyComp, which measures your fertility levels. It claims to be 99% accurate. I could probably count on the one hand how many "green lights" we what were the chances?

Anyways, after the WHWR I decided to do a home test. Get this - to reassure myself that I wasn't pregnant. You can imagine the scene when the blue cross appeared. And it wasn't a faint (mibbees aye, mibbees no) cross. It was so bright and prominent, you could have used it to land helicopters. Sonic nearly fell of the chair and I sobbed something along the lines of "I'm going to have to be in your support team next year". A memorable one-liner that will probably come back to haunt me. So there you go, Bambino Consani is in the making.

We kept it quiet until the scan, mainly because I wasn't convinced there was a baby in there. Still no symptoms. well, apart from the fact that I look like I've jetted off to LA for breast implants. I felt like a proper grown-up having to buy 34B bra....I digress...Not only was I concerned about the damage I may have caused, but terrified about being laughed out of the maternity ward if there wasn't anything there. But as you can see by (the very clear) picture, there's no denying it. And the little wriggler has perfect limbs and digits. Albeit a slightly large head ;-)

We let the cat out the bag by firstly visiting our families on Tuesday night. In true Martin-clan style, the announcements were a riot. My Mum stared in bewilderment at the scan for a what seemed like eternity. Even when I said it's baby Consani, the penny didn't drop. After a while she shrieked: "What? YOU?". My wee Sis (who I class as my nearest and dearest) asked in all seriousness: "how long have you been trying for?". WTF? She gets blonder every day.

Looking back on previous blog reports, there were a few (if you looked really hard) tell-tale signs: Struggling with speed work, terrible breathing, me wibbering on about signs that I shouldn't be doing the race...As I've said, I'm a firm believer that things happen for a reason. So my knee unjury during the race, was my body's way of telling me to slow. Actually it was probably telling me the pull-out, but I'm slightly hard of hearing.

Anyway, I'm still planning on running throughout pregnancy - although on the smaller and slower scale. Actually the first book I bought was on running and pregnancy. I felt guilty a few days later and purchased a week-by-week guide. My obstetrican seems happy for me to continue. When I told him about the WHWR (which he was more than familiar with) and had a look that said "will someone get these nutters out of my office". As our house is a stone's throw away from the hospital, I'm sure he'll catch me waddling down the street over the coming months.

Oh I forgot to mention, Bambino Consani is due on January 19. Sonic is under the impression he's got a driver for the festivities. Dillusional I know.


Brian Mc said...

Waaahooo! Fantastic news! Now, what was I saying in the Green Welly when we met on the Monday after the WHWR ... ?

You'll have the time of your lives - overjoyed, knackered, more overjoyed .... I can't describe the mixture of feelings with having a baby but I can highly recommend it. Waahooo!

Debs M-C said...

We did giggle at your sweeping comments afterwards. I do recall you gave me nine months though. I feel short-changed ;-)

Debs M-C said...
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Anonymous said...

You are so right about that being your body's way of telling you to slow down, the human body is a very clever thing!!! I'm sure that is just the first of many adventures you are going to have with Bambino Consani!!!


John Kynaston said...

That's better!! I like all the details. I hope you continue to stay well and enjoy the fun of preparing for the biggest change you'll ever have in your lives.

Congratulations from all at Team Kynaston.


Ben Melby said...

Congratulations! Wonderful news!

Britt and I weren't that surprised to find this out ... can't say why exactly.

Davie Bell said...

Congratulations to you both,that was one benefit of cross training you never expected eh!:-)

Anonymous said...

My mum said the same thing about your knee injury when I told her the good news... the bodies pretty clever eh? for the Vimto, I didn't even think about it. That's the sort of thing Mrs p would do when she didn't want to get 'too' drunk!

Tim said...

I've just realised, my race performance has instantly improved. I'm now 43rd out of 98 finishers rather than 97.

You couldn't make it triplets could you Debs? 43rd out of 100 would sound better. ;-)

Has Dario asked you for another entry fee in arrears yet?

Stephen Mulrine said...

I reckon your body could have done a far better job of telling you to slow down than trying to dump you in the middle of freakin' nowhere with a busted knee. Perhaps you could sell the story of this crude assassination attempt to Take A Break or somesuch. ;)

Davie said...

Currently logged on at Sumburgh Airport and passing the time in the internet cafe! Pleased to see you intend to train through the minor inconvenience, and expect you to be joining us on Wednesdays. Why am I surprised to log onto Marco's blog to find no WHWR report, no I'm Going To Be A Father report..... what is that boy doing with his time. Get it done when you have the time , as in a few months time you will have no time at all .... ever again.

Kepp well.


ianbeattie1 said...

Debbie (and Marco), many congratulations to you both. That's great news. All the best and take care Ian

ps just loving my new mug - wouldn't be the same having a coffeee out of anything else!

Anonymous said...

Fantastic news, I hope you realise the whole whw family will be following your progress.

Ellen x

allybea said...

That's wonderful and amazing news. We did wonder why you weren't drinking at the BBQ ;)

That baby is going to be so loved and just think of all the extra aunties and uncles you have for babysitting duty when you're training. Wee babies are portable so bring him/her along EVERYWHERE! I'll happily babysit on WHW training runs. Plenty of time from Feb to June to train for WHW09!

Much love

Ali x

ianbeattie1 said...

"Struggling with speed work, terrible breathing, me wibbering on about signs that I shouldn't be doing the race..."

Just reading your blog again. Maybe I'm pregnant too?

Marco Consani said...

hey Ian,

Debbie has been complaining about tender breasts. Do you have that symptom too? ;-)


Silke said...

I've just read your blog and shouted to Thomas (who was cooking his signature dish) "debbie is pregnant" (you recall the shouting out of the car window at the end of one of the training runs?!). What a surprise. Congratulations and our best wishes!
See you in the support vehicle then! :-)

Subversive Runner said...

Debs!!!! Marco!!!! I emailed you from my work address but not sure it got to you.
CONGRATULATIONS!!!!! Fantastic!!! I'm really happy for you both!'ll make such a lovely mum! Really looking forward to meeting Wee M-C next year!!

Top Dudes!!


Anonymous said...

19 January? Plenty of time to get yourself back in shape for next year, then! :-P

Congratulations to you both. :-)


John Kynaston said...

19 comments!!! So that's the way to get lots of reaction to a post ...umm


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