Monday 11 August 2008

Feeling the pinch

OK, who shrunk my clothes? It's week 17 and I'm starting to feel the snugness. I don't quite have a bump, just an all over expansion. My Sis (and mother of two) laughed when I showed her my bump yesterday. She eloquently said that it looks like I "need a good fart". Of course, my husband has been a tower of strength. Supporting me with his usual reem of Marco-isms. When I was moaning about my general growth he told me in was all in my head. Closely followed by "I know when you look in the mirror you see a big fat heifer...". Actually I don't. But NOW I DO. It's a good job I'm thick-skinned.

I'm not brave enough to stand on the scales, so I wimped out with a measuring tape instead. I've put 3.5" on my chest, which sounds quite impressive until I tell you what it was in the first place. I'm still way short of the national average. My waist is now 27.5", which is just a few fish suppers worth really.

I didn't go for run today. Just the gym after work. 30 mins on the elliptical trainer and then a 30 minute swim. It's probably one of the few times I've been to the gym in evening, and now I remember why I avoid it. What a nightmare. I can't believe people actually queue for a walk...when it's dry and sunny outside. Madness.

We went to a BBQ tonight. Dermot (from running club) and his wife were having a wee al fresco soiree. There's only one thing better than a good barbie. And that's a barbie when you're preggers. Sheer bliss. And there was lots of running chat too. Even better.

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Clare said...

hi debbie,

thanks for your comment on my blog...i just scanned through yours too, aren't we lucky for having such easy pregnancies!! look forward to hearing how your running keeps up, good luck!