Wednesday 30 April 2008

Super seven

I'm missing my yoga class tomorrow, as I'm off to a wedding. Apparently Saturday weddings are so last season. I'm only slightly miffed that I'm missing yoga AND club training. I've found that since starting pilates and yoga, I haven't had any hip or thigh problems - touch wood - so I'm quite keen to keep to it. So (again much to Sonic's delight) I was up before 6am to do my Geri Yoga DVD. After having a fight with the x-box (why can't we have a DVD player like everyone else?), throwing a tantrum and hurling a few choice words round the house, Sonic came down to my rescue. Only because he feared the worse for his prize possession. After pressing a few buttons, whilst mumbling under his breath, a super-tiny Geri appeared on the screen. Sonic then grabbed a coffee and some cereal and plonked his backside on the couch - like it was show! He was thrown out. He later popped his head in to see my in m PJs, trying in vain to bend it like Geri...with a bewildered look that suggested he wondered when his life when so horribly wrong.

I had a pretty manic day at work, as I'm off until Tuesday. Still managed to squeeze in a nice girlie lunch with Sharon though. She's still on a high after her 3.27 finish in Lochaber Marathon on Sunday. Like me, she struggling with hamstring pains this week. Might have something do with the 100 lengths of the pool on Monday and recovery run yesterday though. Being a crazy-hobbit, she's the perfect candidate for next year's WHWR. Or disability benefits. Whatever comes first.

I have put together a training plan to see me though until the end of June, which got the seal of approval from coach Lesley. Once I work out how to, I'll post it to my blog.

Tonight I did my seven-mile tempo route over the Bonhill bridge, down to Dumbarton and back through Renton. I probably started off a bit fast, as I struggled more towards the end. There was also a chilly headwind on the way back that wasn't very pleasant.

Finished in 54.02. Splits were 8.06, 7.41, 7.34, 7.09, 7.54, 7.50, 7.31 (average pace 7.40)

I'm taking the next two days off, as I planning some long runs this weekend. Saturday is Beinglas to Kinghouse (32 miles) and Sunday is Kingshouse to Fort William (23 miles). Then I'm supporting Marco and Neal on Monday, as they're doing the Highland Fling course from Milngavie to Tyndrum.

Is anyone else on the Way this weekend?

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Davie said...

A wee note to say I've followed your example and joined the 21st century with a blog.

Last post refers to an old gent I have been working with Andrew Salmond from Kelvindale who was a member of Garscube many years ago (He's 72) I don't know if your club historian has any record of him. He's quite modest so won't talk too much about his athletics career. He was a sprinter in Ming Campbell's day.