Thursday 24 April 2008

Garscube seven

Went to my yoga class today and felt miles better than I did last week- I was totally shocked to discover how tight my hamstrings were. Today was good. Don't get me wrong, I'm not bendy by any stretch of the imagination, but I'm improving. The sequence even involved doing a crab. No sniggers please. I don't think I've done crab since my gymnastic days in primary school. But hey I did it. And I didn't even get stuck. Double-bonus.

Sonic was at mountain rescue training tonight, so I was off to Garscube by myself. He had submitted to route in advance. Surprise, surprise, as he wasn't going the route involved a stretch along the soul-sucking canal - or the fresh-air treadmill as I call it. I wasn't as strong and light as I have been of late, but that's probably because we were moving faster than we normally do on a Thursday night. I tend to run my decent tempos by myself on a Wednesday. It was just Lynn and I tonight. She was feeling quite tired, so asked me to set the pace quite steady. Throughout the course, she managed to keep about five inches in front of me. Everytime I pulled next to her, she had a uncanny knack of edging away.

The route went from the top gate on to the canal (zzzz), along Blairdardie on to Great Western Road and aaaaaaaall the way along to Cleveden. Up and over and down through Dawsholm on to Maryhill. Thanks, Marco. On a more positive note, if he had been there, there would have been a lot more hills. Finished the 7.15 mile route on 58.07. Splits were 8.23, 8.06, 8.05, 8.08, 8.01, 8.18, 8.01 and 7.26. Average 8.09.

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ianbeattie1 said...

Glad to see someone else shares my views on running on the canal path. It's awful. To be avoided at all costs.

Having said that, it's crossed my mind that we should have a 100k race from Glasgow (or probably Bowling) to Edinburgh using the canal paths. Now that would be fun - not :)