Wednesday 9 April 2008

Easy four recovery run

I never thought I'd see the day when I had to tell myself to watch my speed out on a run. I was determined to do a very easy 9m/miles pace run. Sonic came with me. It was worth the four miles, just to watch him running in slow motion ;-) With the length of his legs, I'm sure he could walk 9m/miles*.

You can tell we're coming up to Ladies' 10K times, as we passed about three Jog Scotland groups en route. I vaguely remember my super-ambitious challenge when I signed up for my first Ladies' 10K way back in 2002. I surprised myself by running/jogging the whole way round. Little did I know that six years later, I'd be adding 90 miles to the distance. It's a fabulous event. And probably the reason behind the vast majority of female runners in the west of Scotland.

Anyway back to tonight. As with all runs, the session is pretty much driven by your brain. If I said I was going for a tempo run, I would have teared round the streets. As I was aiming for a recovery, my body was practically in hibernation. The 4.4 miles felt like a lifetime. Or as my dear friend Kas would say: "I ran like a bag of spanners".

4.4 miles in 38.27 (average pace 8.47). Splits 8.31, 8.34, 8.39 and 8.58.

*Stephen - he's been warned not to blog it as "usual very, very slow 5K run with the wife".

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Anonymous said...

Hi Debs,

Been reading your blog for a few weeks now.

Have a great race on Sunday!