Saturday 12 April 2008

The road to London

The journey started with a train trip on Friday morning. We met up with Neal and Caroline Gibson, so we all talked about running for a whole six hours. We must have bored the other passengers to death. I think we only shut up long enough to overhear a very loud girl talking on her mobile and giving her friend worldly-wise advice on love, life and the universe. The carriage was entertained be her tales on random lunchtime s*x in the woods near her office, her junkie ex-boyfriend and drunken antics. And did you know Barcelona is in Spain? It was highly amusing. Even the driver over the tannoy was getting shushed.

Sonic and I went to see Dirty Dancing last night, which was brilliant. Sonic even did a marvellous job of pretending he was enjoying it. It was only the whooping crowds when "Patrick Swayze" removed his clothes that nearly sent him over. I thought the roof was going to come in when he said: "nobody puts baby in the corner". Fabulous show. Highly recommended.

Today we went to the Expo to meet up with Paul (my bro-in-law) and pick up our race packs. Met quite a few folks we knew and probably spent to much time wandering about, but it's all part of the London experience. I didn't do as much financial damage as I wanted to, but bought myself a couple of tops, a new cap and about 500 gels and energy bars. I'm OK for long runs for about a year. I left Marco alone for ten minutes and he bought a £40 rolling pin. Apparently it's the cure for all running injuries!?

Early (but substantial) dinner and early to bed.

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