Tuesday 8 April 2008

Dawsholm Park reps

It's a well-known fact that girls + football = danger. I have to agree. And I'm also the first to admit that girls + technology = extreme danger. I've asked Sonic a series of daft questions over the years. Tonight I realised that some girls can take it to new levels. Maz (the queen of daft questions/statement) was highly amused that wee Carole asked if she could use her Garmin Forerunner in the pool. Maz then promptly informed her that: "there's no way you'd get a signal indoors".

Tonight we went up to Dawsholm Park to do the "P reps". No nothing to do with your bladder, it's an undulating trail rep that's shaped in the letter P. Obvious really.

The rain was pouring when we started, but then the sun came out and we were blessed with fresh air and a Spectacular rainbow. Unfortunately, the glare made it difficult to see the trail in parts.

Felt really good. The short recoveries on a four minute turnaround made the last reps really tough though. It's the closest I've ever came to throwing up.

Reps (0.4 miles each) in 2.43, 2.39, 2.38, 2.38, 2.43 and 2.40.

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