Tuesday 15 April 2008

No jogging, just blogging

Understandably I've done absolutely he haw since Sunday's wee jog. Well, apart from my pilates class at lunchtime, but I don't think that counts. Sonic was supposed to come with me, but announced in the car that he'd forgotten to pack his gear. That old chestnut ;-)

Forgot to mention that John Kynaston predicted my marathon time as 3:31:15. How's that for for a very close guesstimate? John if you wouldn't mind predicting my WHW time as 23:59hrs, that would be a great help ;-)

Here's the scores on the door...

5 km 0:24:50
10 km 0:49:16
15 km 1:14:00
20 km 1:39:03
half 1:44:26
25 km 2:03:47
30 km 2:28:44
35 km 2:54:25
40 km 3:19:55
finish 3:31:00

That's my third fastest half-marathon EVER!

Average pace per mile by above splits: 7.59, 7.51, 7.57, 8.03, 7.53, 7.58, 8.01, 8.15, 8.12, 8.07. Average overall 8.02. Fairly consistent, so I'm quite chuffed. Especially when my (very ambitious) target was 8m/m.

Position (overall) 4846
Position (gender) 447
Position (age group) 71


Thomas said...

Debs, that was very well paced. Textbook! Without the delay at the start you could have done sub 3:30. Brilliant!

Brian Mc said...

Fantastic run, and bizarrely accurate time prediction from John K.

You'd think he's got some connection upstairs (or you both put a bet on in cahoots). ;-)

Anonymous said...

Loved Dirty Dancing! You were right about the end with 'nobody puts baby in the corner'. Everyone also seemed to think we got a bit of an extra just after the break when they are in bed and Johnny is in his boxers - lets say he seemed excited! The girls in the audience were very upset when he put his trousers on!