Wednesday 16 April 2008

Back in the saddle

Even though all textbooks, coaches, training plans, running mags and guides dictate it, I just can't take a whole week off running. Cross-training is OK, but cycling, swimming, brisk walking yada yada, simply don't cut it. By last night my legs were a twitching mess. And by this afternoon, I was itching to get my trainers back on. Even running across the road to escape being flattened by a stagecoach bus was absolutely bliss.

Despite this enthusiasm, I wasn't quite sure how my legs would hold up. They were a little tender, but more like the-day-after-a-tough-rep-session tender. I did harbour fears that Alexandria's jogging network would pass me en route.

Surprisingly enough, my legs felt great even from the word go. I don't think I could have done more than my usual 4.5 recovery route round Balloch, but I feeling 100% confident for a speedy recovery.

4.4 miles in 37.31. Splits 8.30, 8.48, 8.22, 8.29, 8.23 (average 8.32). Oops a bit faster than easy pace, but I was happy to run as to how I felt.


Davie said...

We have never met but I am a Millie who also leads the Alexandria jogging network. I can assure you that after running on Sunday also, the chances of my group overtaking you was absolutely nil as they were strictly forbidden to run past me and I was going about 10 minute (probably plus).
I also managed a wee 5 miler with the club on Tuesday but I'm now having a rest as the stiffness and soreness has gone to be replaced with the evidence of some muscle damage around the calves/popliteal area. I've had a wee peek at your blog before after stumbling into it. I must say that your experience of London mirrors my own except for that I went to see Stomp and I only ran 3.45.35. However for a first time marathon at 51 I'm delighted with that. No doubt I'll meet you sometime soon, I'm doing backup on the Highland Fling for Jim Robertson and his followers so if you're doing that I'll try and introduce myself.

David Hall

Debs M-C said...

Hi David,

Welcome to my daily drivel.

That's quite a team you've got out on a Wednesday night. They're everywhere. It's great to see so many runners out.

Congratulations for a fab time in London. You must be delighted.

No doubt our paths will cross soon. Marco and I have been toying with the idea of joining the Millies for the 5K time trial. Do you know the dates? We won't be doing the Highland Fling, as it's our club training weekend.

Hope you have a speedy recovery.

Davie said...

Time trial was normally the last Thursday in the month but some discussion re changing to Tuesday on occasion. Keep an eye on our website as there is usually a notice so that those wishing to can attend or avoid