Tuesday 22 April 2008

1000m reps

After another couple of days rest (well, hangovers) it's back with a vengeance. I was wearing my new birthday ensemble (thanks, Sharon) so that was my extra incentive to get going. Nothing like some new clothes to put a spring in my step.

Longs reps on the club schedule tonight. Depending on who's in charge this could be anything from 600m to miles. As suspected it was 1k reps.

My clan were out on the Garscube Estate. A short dash on the road and then on to a long trail section, before circling round back to the start. I always find the first rep the hardest. But after that I felt pretty good. Well as good as can be, considering the circumstances. The way the packs were divided I was at the fast end of the bottom packs, so I was out in front for all of them. There was the option to do four or five. I still felt pretty strong after the fourth, and I really wanted to keep in that way. I just dropped backed and jogged the last.

Four 1000m reps in 4.05, 3.58, 4.02 and 4.01.

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Thomas said...

Debs, you have done it. You are now officially faster than I am (damnit!!!). I cannot run sub 4 minute pace anymore...