Sunday 6 April 2008

Last (pre-London) long run

Well, long-ish. Just a mere ten really. I went down to sunny Ayrshire to run with Sharon. It was a really bright, but fresh morning. And guess what? It was windy too.

Sometimes I think half the battle with running is getting out the door. Not from motivation, but the pre-run choices. Gloves or no gloves? Longsleeve or jacket? Cap or buff? Long or shorts? Too drink or not to drink? As it was sunny, I decided to abandon extra layers. Sharon arrived sporting the lovely pink ensemble that I bought her for her birthday. And then gave me a lovely lilac ensemble that she bought me for mine. Great minds think alike.

We headed out of Kilbirnie on the back-road to Lochwinnoch. I deeply regretted my clothing choice, as the strong head wind was freezing. It's uphill for the first three miles, so the wind added to the challenged. Didn't stop us gibbering like budgies though. We headed through Lochwinnoch and over the country roads to Beith. Then up the killer hill home. It's a fabulous route with lovely rolling hills. Nice and quiet too. Finished the 10.39 miles in 1:27:28 (average 8.25). Splits 9.22, 9.06 (see what I mean?), 8.25, 7.49, 8.13, 8.28, 8.09, 8.17, 8.05, 8.19 and 8.12. According to SportTracks 30% of the route was ascending. I had a fabulous run and enjoyed every minute of it.

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