Tuesday 19 February 2008

Winter warm-up 800s

The wine is finished and the hip pain has subsided, so it's time to get back to training. Thought I'd ease myself in with a pilates class at lunchtime. Surprisingly I'm still able to drag Marco along. Not only because he gets to sit in a room full of bendy burds in lycra, but he also gets to take embarrassing his wife to new levels. Last week, during the core conditioning class he disappeared over the back of a gym ball with a dramatic splatter on the floor. Today was special though. When I bending over to pick up my mat, he wandered over and slapped my a*s. When I looked quite startled, he whispered "it's so people don't think I'm gay". I nearly collapsed with laughter. That, folks, is just a snippet of my life with Marco.

Feeling better and itching to get my trainers back, I was actually looking forward to tonight's long reps. I didn't even huff too much when I was told that it was 800s round the winter warm-up. My legs felt good at the beginning, but started to struggled with only one minute recoveries between reps. Finished the set of six - complete with two hills and six speedbumps - in 3.28, 3.28, 3.27, 3.31 3.30 and 3.33. Coach Lesley then led a cool-down that was so long I thought we were just combining Thursday's pack run. Hey ho, I'm a wannabe ultra-runner, so bring it on.

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