Monday 4 February 2008

Hippy chick

Really struggled today with a sore right hip. I don't know whether it was the fight against the wind on tearing down the steep hills, but I hurt everyway I moved. Spent most of the day waking about as if I had one leg longer than the other - much to Marco's amusement. I went to the gym at lunchtime to do some stretching which seemed to help, but running wasn't an option. We decided to take the day off and go to the cinema instead. My turn to choose - woo chick flick time - as Marco chose Cloverfield on Saturday night. Actually I wanted to see it too, but there was no way I was letting up. On the way up we had to sprint across a busy road. Half way across, I wished I'd taken my chances with the bus. Half way in to Over My Dead Body, I bet Marco wished he'd taken his chances with the bus.

I'm serious about taking the necessary time out this time. Honest. Last year I had a hip problem, which dragged on for about six weeks.

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