Tuesday 26 February 2008

Split session on the cards for Garscube run tonight...whatever that is. I soon found out it's a tempo run with sprints/hills at the end. Excellent. I love a session that's mixed-up. Makes it much more interesting. We started out - with Coach Lesley cracking the whip at the back of the pack - out Maryhill, Canniesburn then picked up the pace to Bearsden Cross. Over something-or-other street on to Roman, upped the pace down Milngavie Road...sorry, even I'm falling asleep...back to Garscube Estate. The idea was to find a sheltered area to do some 50m sprints, but it wasn't going to happen. We ran the fastest 10 x 50m reps with the shortest recoveries that even we were capable of, before scuttling back to our cars.

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