Thursday 28 February 2008

Testing time over a mere nine

I'm sure you've all had one of those runs where nothing seems to work. Everything is against you and you mentally throw in the towel every few minutes. I think Sunday's race, followed by two speed sessions has taken more out of me than I expected. I started out this morning with the aim of running 20 miles. Ambitious would be an under-statement. Not only was I slightly fatigued and the wind was out in full force, but I've pulled a muscle in my shoulder and my hip's playing up. I tried everything to keep going - gels, positive chat, easy pace, happy tunes and promising myself post-run treats - but my heart wasn't in it. I could only muster up the energy for a miserable nine miles. I was hoping to get a long run in during the week, as I'm doing the Deerstalkers adventure run this weekend. Hey ho, I'll just bank this one as an easy week. My aim for this year is to make every run count. I was struggling with this one today. I also like to take a positive for every run - even the bad ones. So, cutting the run short meant I had time for trip to the gym for a spa and sauna. Bliss.

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Brian Mc said...

I'd be wary of your hip there Debs. It sounds like the kind of tendon strain injury that gradually creeps on you. Have you seen a physio or therapist to have it worked out? The only way my legs stay together as I ramp up the distances is by seeing a therapist every 2-3 weeks. Otherwise I get knee, hip, calf you name it niggles.